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Paleo Trail Mix

RANT WARNING! If you don’t want to read the rant, skip to the next section!

So it seems I have sparked some serious negative commentary about my “complete and utter obsession” with health and fitness. Some people think that what I say and do on my blog is what I spend ALL DAY doing. Well you would be completely wrong if you thought that.

I am a mother. First and foremost. I spend every minute of every day with my kids. I am a stay at home mom and I wouldn’t give that up for anything in this world. I would do anything for those little balls of freakish energy and they know it.

We all have struggles with balance. Well, my biggest struggle right now is figuring out a way to switch my blog from what it was to what it is. I have always been into health and fitness but I am more vocal about it now, yes. But I still wake up every day to my little squishy faced monkeys and I start my morning with their needs in mind. After a less then one hour workout, I literally spend the rest of the day with them. We go out, we have picnics, we go to the zoo or the water park, we have friends over, we play, I yell, there’s crying and dirt and poopy diapers. I love it and it drives me crazy.

Lately I have taken to concentrating on one thing on my blog instead of making it all about them. I still share my family life, but I don’t need to constantly talk about my kids on my blog. But if you missed them, have a taste:

I am not obsessed with having a six pack or being skinny or never eating cake again( I AM obsessed with my iPhone, chocolate, small furry animals, avocados, tattoos, beating my husband in pushups, urban farming, coconut oil and doggy cuddles). Having a six pack is a goal, as is being stronger and healthier. I have serious issues with my spine and having a strong core was my earliest motivation for working out.

The balance I seek in my life is to be happy. Being strong makes me happy, working out every morning with my husband makes me happy, being a healthy family and being a healthy role model for my children makes me happy. Also, cake with three inches of butter laden frosting makes me happy, but I don’t need to eat it every day.

I speak out in this space to help others, that’s my goal. If I can be the voice for so many formerly unhealthy and overweight people then so be it. I hope to inspire people to get in their kitchens and make delicious food, to forage in their neighbourhood farmer’s markets and to think outside the box when it comes to meals. I also strive to inspire those around me to get out and move. Strength is addictive and so is a healthy lifestyle. I can’t change you, but I can try to inspire you. If you don’t enjoy my healthy lifestyle change, my pursuit of strength and fitness or my recipes, there are 3 million other blogs you can go comment on. If you care to never hear from me again, then unsubscribe, stop clicking on my blog and please keep your negative, unhelpful comments to yourself as they will be erased with little thought.

We all change as life goes on, although some of us in more public ways then others. I believe my life has only gotten greater and better and more fucking fantastic then I could ever have imagined as my life has carried on. There will always be pessimists in life but I will always choose to brush them off.

That being said I LOVE you all. All of you who have come out of the woodwork to say something positive or even to give me constructive criticism, I value that! I appreciate all of my followers, readers, friends and family. You are the world to me and I only do this for you! If it weren’t for my readers and the people who listen to my rants, I would have stopped this blog long ago.

Whew. Let’s get to the recipe now. 

Living the Paleo lifestyle has been awesome, I must say. I’m eating everything I always wanted to eat more of and feeling no shame. I’m discovering all the best places in town to buy organic and naturally raised meats and I’m meeting fantastic people along the way. The only problem I’ve faced so far was snacking! A girl’s gotta have a snack, or two, or three! But the BEST part about this trail mix, is it’s a great trail mix for anybody! It’s just straight up good. No sugar, no soy, no peanuts, no dairy, no eggs and gluten free.

There’s lots of good Paleo snacks: Hard boiled eggs, kale chips, vegetables and fruits dipped in nut butters, fruit, LARA bars, homemade jerky, etc. But I like something a little more indulgent sometimes. So I came up with this amazingly addictive (seriously) trail mix.

If you are trying to lose weight, beware the amount of dried fruit in this recipe. Be sparing with a handful here and there. Lucky for me I am trying to bulk up a bit and so is the hubs! So we pretty much devour this whole recipe in little more then a day or two. I may have a nut problem…

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Paleo Trail Mix


  • 1 cup raw organic cashews
  • 1 cup raw organic almonds
  • 1 cup raw organic walnut pieces or halves
  • 1 cup raw organic pecans
  • 1/2 cup raw organic pumpkin seeds
  • 1/4 cup raw organic cacao nibs
  • 1/2 cup organic dried blueberries
  • 1/2 cup organic unsulphured cherries
  • 1/4 cup organic raisins
  • 3/4 cup organic, unsweetened coconut chips (aka ribbons)


  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F. Pour the coconut chips onto a baking sheet and bake them for 3 minutes. Rotate the pan if needed and bake for another 2 minutes. Chips are done when golden brown. Remove from oven and cool.
  2. Mix remaining ingredients together in a large bowl or container.
  3. Add the chips at the very end.
  4. Devour.


Feel free to mix up your nuts! Macadamia, Brazil, etc are all good! Just remember that peanuts are a legume and are not recommended when eating Paleo.

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48 comments to Paleo Trail Mix

  • Girl, you keep rockin what you do. You don’t owe anyone explanations for what you do. Are they hiring you to blog? If not, they can move on. I’ll be honest, I miss the ol’ indulgent Liz and much of me wishes I had your dedication but I’m PROUD of you! I know that next time we see each other, we’ll still be downing sake and sushi. Yes, white rice and all. You be you and focus on what makes you and your family happy. xo
    Melody Fury // GourmetFury.com recently posted..Jalapeno Compressed Watermelon Salad Recipe and a Quick Bonus AppetizerMy Profile

  • Curlsz

    There is a really cool company, steves original, that promotes a crossfit of sorts for inner city youth and they have awesome paleo snacks including a cereal that is so good. You could get ideas for jerkey mixes or buy from them, the coconut jerkey mix is my favorite so far, they have a cool sampler pack.


  • Nadia

    WTF – if you don’t like it, haters and complainers can bugger off! I think it’s beyond ridiculous to complain about a blogger and the content of THEIR blog! There must be something in life more important to do – its your heart and soul, daily life and experiences and you signed no agreement that you have to remain true to your original content or theme. Maybe because I’m trying to head down a similar path or as a reader can see the gradual evolution, but I’m a loyal reader and welcome the new changes – love to see your happy posts again though – screw those half glass empty readers!
    Any nutritional info on this trail mix? Glad to seek one not including yogurt chips/chocolate/salted nuts etc 🙂

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you for the support Nadia. You’ve been there since the beginning and you are probably my most loyal reader besides Adrian. I really appreciate your feedback so thank you! I could post the nutrition info, but it will vary depending on the nuts you use.

  • Adrian

    Sorry Elizabeth, but so far you haven’t beaten me….. Yet.

    I love your writing, your lifestyle and your food. I had better because you are the world to me.

    Onto the next great adventure and most importantly the next MEAT DISH!!

  • Giordana

    WhatEVER Elizabeth– you know I’m a fan. You’ve inspired me! I fell off the wagon today, as I was working as an extra on a film set and the only food options were chips, pretzels, and big fat slices of thick crust pizza. But I’m not going to feel terrible about today, and I’m not going to let the guilt overcome me; I’m going to pull a Guilty Kitchen and work out and keep living life and eating good food! I miss your baking recipes a little bit, but screw the haters. Change is good, and you’re a great inspiration for your children, which is most important anyway.

    • Elizabeth

      Don’t worry! The Paleo way of life has truly inspired me in the kitchen again! I have SO MANY recipes in the works. Baking included! I am super excited for all the coconut/almond/nut flour recipes to come!! Baking again, wheeeee!

  • Liz

    I haven’t commented before but I’ve been a follower for sometime. I just want to say that I love the new focus on your health. I think its great to see women make healthy choices and model that for others b/c goodness knows its hard for women to take care of themselves with all the things we do. BTW I LOVE your tattoo! 🙂

  • Melissa

    Great rant!!!! Haters are going to hate and they can just piss off. I think what you are doing is fantastic and you have inspired me. And thank you for this recipe! I follow you on Instagram and saw the picture and was hoping for a recipe. Keep on doing what makes you happy. As long as you are happy in your life…that is all that matters.

  • Mary

    I never understood why people will comment with rude remarks. That is what is so great about the internet. If you don’t like what someone has to say you don’t have to read it. That simple.

    I have been doing Crossfit for 5 years and Paleo for 2. I followed you before your new journey and I love the direction the blog has gone. You were originally tagged in my google reader with other “Healthy Food Blogs”, you just switched over to “Crossfit & Paleo Blogs”.

  • Luna

    I’m a relatively new fan, and I think it’s ridiculous that people think that a blog is a place for criticizing someone’s lifestyle. Anyone who doesn’t like what they read should move on. There are plenty of us who do or who see it as an interesting alternative. I am not going to try a Paleo lifestyle, but that’s my choice, and I am not in any way criticizing your choice. I read here because it’s interesting to read about different choices, to consider those in an informed way. And good food is good food. I don’t have to be on a Paleo diet to think that the trail mix looks awesome.

  • Dove

    I personally started reading after and BECAUSE of the focus on health. I eat a low carb diet and have much interest in paleo foods, so when I stumbled upon one of your recipes, I subscribed. Keep posting!!

  • This looks wonderful – sharing on my FB page.
    Elle recently posted..Grain-Free Gluten-Free and Paleo Almond Butter PancakesMy Profile

  • Courtney

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now. I stumbled on it from a Pinterest post for your Idle Hand Bars (which, by the way, are possibly the best thing I’ve ever tasted in my life). I love your blog. I love the “old” blog, and I absolutely LOVE the “new” blog.

    I just want you to know that you were an inspiration to me to start exercising regularly. I’ve never had a weight problem, but I’ve also never been strong, and I often obsessed about weight/size rather than strength. I’ve just finished the first month of Insanity, which I was convinced was a good idea by one of your blog posts. I’ve never felt better, physically or about how I look. So, thank you for that!

    Keep doing what you do, and thanks also for showing the world that food that is healthy for you can also be exciting, beautiful, and absolutely delicious.

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you so much Courtney. Those words mean a whole lot to me. I’m so glad I could inspire you to be stronger and healthier even though you probably were doing just fine before! 😉 I love those Idle Hand Bars WAY too much, they are ridiculous! Thank you thank you thank you for the words of encouragement. Keep on going strong! Dig deeper!

  • Genevieve

    Keep doing what you are doing, i love the old recipes……but really love the new. I love hearing about your progress, Keep it up and too bad for those who don’t want to be healthy!!!

  • If you can’t have a rant on your own blog – where can you!
    Paleo Suz recently posted..30 Day Intro to PaleoMy Profile

  • Pippa

    Sorry to read that you’re getting flamed…do people still call it that? Shitty. Anyway, love your blog – love your evolution. Love the perspectives you bring on health and fitness and parenting, food, and balance (esp. since you’re a fellow redhead – and a momma to an Isla too!) and your awesomer-than-awesome, sardonic humour. Peace!

  • Liz: just keep doing what you’re doing. I just know you’re going to gain an even bigger legion of followers as you continue to blog your “new” passions! As I am sure you know: people often say mean things because they are uncomfortable or feel threatened, but it’s their problem not yours. Just know that you are an inspiration to so many…including me xoxo
    Winnie recently posted..One Simple Change: Slow DownMy Profile

  • I must admit is was a little surprised to see fitness side of the blog however as long as the healthy recipes keep coming, why not! Nice to see a women speak her mind 🙂

  • Born27

    You are on the right track girl! Don’t let anyone destroy your personality.. If they don’t want to read your blog, then.. let them! What is important is, you still have many readers and followers left.. Go girl!
    Born27 recently posted..Conference call ice breakersMy Profile

  • Noa

    When I saw the picture of the cut of meat at the top of the post I was so sure this trail mix would have beef jerky in it… I made a trail mix with home made beef jerky in it before a flight to the UK this summer and it was amazing as a flight snack!

    I just found your blog today and spent a good chunk of time reading through it. Always nice to find a fellow Victoria foodie/blogger 🙂

  • G.A.B.

    The internet is a big pond. Be like the duck. Float on the water, have fun in the water, and let the water roll off your back.

  • Boost your health and strength eating tasty Paleo diet recipes full of proteins,
    vitamins and minerals. Used to do some research on the web and found a book
    by Nickii, entitled The Paleo Diet. Cut out all dairy (even grass-fed butter), all fructose rich foods, salty foods,
    vinegars, and nuts and seeds.
    Nick recently posted..NickMy Profile

  • Go girl! I’ve been exercising for over 40,yes 40, years. It’s by far the best way to keep fit and young. Eating right ensures a long and happy life. I’d love to be a guest blogger on your blog. I’ve learned a lot you haven’t heard yet. Carry on. Great job! My blog is at gloriaslater.com. Hope to see you there.

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