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First things first! I wrote two books!

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These books are all the goodness of my blog in a cute little package that I’ve poured my heart and soul into. Each recipe has a beautiful image to accompany it and all the recipes are easy and approachable. If you want a great intro to cooking with the ever more popular coconut oil, the always in style avocado or the newly trendy paleo lifestyle, try it out!
Buy Cooking with Coconut Oil Here and Cooking with Avocados Here.

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I’ve battled my weight my whole life.

Food was always what I turned to for comfort and I turned to it a lot. By the time I was 13, I was heading straight for obesity. Then disaster struck. I was diagnosed with severe idiopathic scoliosis with an 80° curve to my spine. I needed surgery and was bumped to the head of the line in fear that my lungs might soon become crushed by my rib cage. I received a full spinal fusion complete with 18″ steel rods which were fused to my spine with bone chips taken from my right hip. Awesome.

That’s when the weight really started to climb. Not being able to walk properly for six weeks plus being exempt from gym class for the remainder of my school life did not help. It took being 18, graduated, on my own and realizing that I was 5’4″ and 185lbs to really wake me up. I didn’t want to be fat any more.

And so it started, a lifelong love of fitness and health was sparked.

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Having a background in the restaurant industry and having grown up with parents who grew, hunted or fished a large portion of our food, I have a huge respect for local food. I now raise my own chickens for meat and eggs, grow almost half our produce (in the summer months) in our huge backyard garden and buy the rest from local farmers.

I also now find myself at a pinnacle of health and fitness. I’ve come a long way since those chest presses at the gym. I am now a FitFluential Ambassador and am training under a level 1 CrossFit trainer. We’ve also recently switched over to a Paleo/Primal diet. On this website (going back more then three years) you can find a little bit of everything. Vegan, vegetarian, low fat, high protein, raw and Paleo. There are also ridiculously guilt filled cakes, pies, cookies and all number of baked goodies. I’ve got a little of something for everyone.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to e-mail me at elizabeth@guiltykitchen.com

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