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Would you like to work with Elizabeth and Adrian on a project, adventure or crazy harebrained scheme? Let’s Chat!

1. Food writing, recipe development, food styling or food photography: Please contact me directly via email: elizabeth@guiltykitchen.com You can also take a gander at my About Page to learn more about me. Please note that I do not work for product samples or exchange, nor do I work for exposure on your website, Twitter or Facebook pages.

2.  Travel: I am available to represent or accompany brands on trips as a food writer and photographer or just to be there for you on those hard journeys.

3. Brand Ambassador: If you are a local brand or restaurant, a wholesome company with stellar core values or an up and coming organic farmer/brand and you are looking for a writer/photographer who can represent your company, be it via a series of blog posts or mentions on Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Facebook,  I could be your ambassador. I am also available for travel.

4. Product reviews: If you have a product, cookbook, appliance, or food related item that fits with the subject matter of Guilty Kitchen I’d love to hear from you. We love working with brands on products we believe in. Sometimes we’ll do giveaways, though we ask that Canadians be eligible for any contests we run.

5. Company/brand events: Invite Elizabeth and Adrian to attend your event and learn about your product, cause, etc. We love to share in the food community and are happy to attend events and take photographs. We also live tweet from these events.

6. Guest posts: I accept guests posts on a case by case basis. Sometimes I need a break too and will put out a call to other bloggers to write a post on my blog. If you have a great idea and you’d like to share it with my readers, please email me and let’s chat!

7. Sharing Links: I do not accept three way links, nor will I link to your website unless I truly believe in your brand/blog.

8.  Anything else? Do you have a stellar idea you’d like to pitch to Guilty Kitchen? I love to work with other bloggers, brands and local foodies alike. If you have something you’d be interested in sharing with me then let’s work together!

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