Best Shoes for Weightlifting, MetCons and Life


This post has been in the making for quite some time. Why would I want to talk about shoes, you may ask? Mostly because I often get asked what kind of shoes I use for lifting, running, walking, looking hot and otherwise living my life. Now, some of you may be thinking, “well, this is an odd shoe post…where are the fancy shoes?” but I’ma tell you right now, that I rarely wear “normal” heels or fancy shoes. Two reasons: they hurt my delicate little feetsies and they are fucking hard to walk in. Am I right?!
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Blendtec Blender Giveaway!

smoothie goodies
So, because I love you guys, and I’m always happy to give back to the people who have given me so much, today I am giving away one of THE BEST blenders on the planet! I’ve been using the Blendtec 725 Designer series since the spring and let me tell you…I luuuuuuurve it. Like, I don’t usually love appliances, because they often suck a lot of balls, but this bad boy is the REAL DEAL. When it says it will blend your smoothie perfectly every time, it ain’t lying….you literally put everything in the jar, push the smoothie button and walk away. When you come back 45 seconds later, voila: a perfectly blended, creamy smoothie. It also has various other preprogrammed cycles that also work impressively well. I once made a salsa in two seconds, true story.

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Whole Barbecued Salmon

barbecued salmon1-2

Living in the Pacific Northwest has it’s ups and downs. Mostly the ups have to do with the beautiful terrain and the amazing food available to us from spring through fall. Some of the very best of our sustainable food comes from the waters that surround my Island, Vancouver Island. Growing up the daughter of a salmon fishing guide (my amazing mother), I got to sample every, single available species of salmon in our waters, and there are many: Chinook (aka spring or king)chumsockeyecoho and pink and the ever elusive Tyee (a chinook weighing 30lbs or more). I’ve tried them every which way you can prepare them, smoked, raw, filleted, in steaks, in salad, canned, fresh, frozen, tea-brined, etc. 

Me likey salmon.
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Breaking Up with Paleo

back squat PR

This post has been coming for a long time. If you’ve been reading Guilty Kitchen for more than a couple days, you’d know I’ve gone through just about every “lifestyle” diet there is, from Atkins to Vegan, to Paleo and back again. You’d also know I’ve been anorexic, overweight and everything in between. But if you follow my social media, you may have noticed lately, that I’ve been breaking up with paleo.

About two years ago, I started the Paleo Diet, which fuelled my rise into the world of being a multi-published cookbook author, but it also coincided with my first foray into CrossFit, weightlifting and worlds of fitness and strength I had never even heard of. I thrived on it for the first few months. My constant dieting and Beachbody cardio had brought my 5’4″ frame down to a measly 115lbs, but after 2 months on the paleo diet, I was back up to 130lbs. Most of that was not muscle, even though I was doing CrossFit 6 days a week, I still put on mostly fat (though I did gain some serious muscle too).
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Peanut Butter Apple Oat Bars

peanut_butter_apple_oat_bars2-2 Hello my very favourite readers. Last week I held a very informal poll on my Facebook Page asking my readers what kind of recipe they’d like to see next. The overwhelming answers were “healthy snacks” and “fitness and health informational posts”. So today I give you Peanut Butter Apple Oat Bars, a perfect little transportable snack that is very easy to make, inexpensive and perfect for before or after the gym, or even if you just can’t make it one more minute without sustenance. These bars are moderate carb/high protein and very low fat. Now, I’d like to take a minute and talk about those macronutrients. As someone, in the always friendly world of online commenting, tried to point out that high carb/low fat automatically means that it is unhealthy because, let’s face it, that is what the dreaded food pyramid has been pushing on us for years and is mostly to blame for the obesity epidemic (or so they say). That being said, I’d like to point out that anyone who performs any kind of intense physical activity NEEDS carbs for fuel, as does our brain. Brains running on fat are logey and slow, as our brains preferred energy source is and always will be glucose…as in, carbohydrates. Before, during and after an intense lifting session (and/or especially long endurance sessions), ones body is in need of carbohydrates to replenish their glycogen stores (the energy our muscles utilize for fuel).
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