Creamy Cucumber Salad


This Creamy Cucumber Salad is a pretty popular iteration of the humble cucumber. I mean, what is there to do with cucumbers besides some kind of salad or carving them out for appetizers? It’s not like you can cook with them, right? Although once, at a restaurant I used to work at that shall remain nameless, they offered a turkey and cucumber pizza. Let’s just say I did not test it out. The only thing difficult about making this salad is slicing the cucumbers and onions thin enough to make a nice texture.
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Puro Coffee

Puro CoffeeJust a quick giveaway post today (You’re SO disappointed, right?!) and it has to do with more COFFEE! Yes, I love coffee, in every form, at any time, for any reason. I start my day with a giant Bulletproof coffee and I love making it with the best coffees I can find. So imagine my delight when I received an email from Puro Fairtrade Coffee from the UK! Here is some information regarding the brand: 

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Kickstarter Pre-Workout Bars


If you follow my many social media accounts, you might know how much I love coffee and caffeinated food items… So it was with great pleasure that I joined the Lavazza Passionista network for the next few months. I will be talking about and using the Lavazza brand of coffee (Italy’s #1 drip coffee) in some recipes, like this one, or just talking about coffee and how much it makes my world go round. Usually, I’m all over the French press, but this coffee came pre-ground (and very finely) so I was forced to haul out my drip machine. I then promptly broke the carafe, so we’ll see what goes on there. Today, being the first day without the carafe, I did this…worked like a charm! It’s like a cheapy Cowboy Coffee/Pour Over hybrid!
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Raspberry Oatmeal Protein Cookies

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Holy shit you guys! Today is the beginning of the 2014 CrossFit Games Open!

If you are registered today is the day you find out the first torture. I feel for you. I didn’t register this year…wah wah wah. Why not? A couple of months ago, Adrian injured his back. At first, I kept doing CrossFit when we worked out and Adrian started doing accessory movements (Bench Press, pull ups) to fill in for what he could not do (Olympic and Powerlifting). I could tell that it was frustrating for him to see me doing the sport he loved right in front of him as he worked on the bench. So after a few weeks, I decided to drop CrossFit (for now) to concentrate more on building size and strength through more traditional bodybuilding style workouts.

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Gluten-Free Health & Wellness Festival in Victoria

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In ten days, on February 22, 2014, Victoria will host it’s first ever Gluten Free Health & Wellness Festival at the Victoria Conference Centre in downtown Victoria. I am proud to offer two tickets to giveaway to my readers and a little bit of information for you about gluten, and how it affects us all.

To sum up the Festival:

  • The event is all about community, education and a love of food and health.
  • Events around Victoria: An intimate dinner at Be Love Restaurant – February 21, 2014 (tickets are $75 and nearly half sold out)
  • Dr. William Davis, author of New York Times #1 Bestseller Wheat Belly, will attend the dinner and give a talk on Saturday evening at 7pm
  • The Festival (from 12-5pm) will consist of gluten free vendors and markets; yoga, food and fermentation demos; talks from nutritionists and global issues on sustainability
  • Tickets can be purchased on the website –
  • This event is made possible in part by our Platinum Sponsors – Red Barn Markets, Origin Bakery and Pacific Rim College.

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