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Touring BC Egg Farms – Part I

Penny Small

As I ease back into a regular schedule of blogging, things in my life are changing faster than I am always comfortable with. Since January of 2008, I’ve been, for the most part, a stay at home parent. I’ve dabbled in odd jobs and working from home as well as writing, being a freelance photographer and other fun things, but being a parent has always come first. This next week of my life marks the first time in over seven years that I will be alone (like, alone alone) during the day.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive and yet as it approaches, I am getting a little anxious and apprehensive. I’m not a huge fan of being alone for hours and hours at a time and although I have a list a mile long of all the things I’m going to do when they are in school full-time, I still feel like I won’t love the quiet time as much as I thought I would.

What I am looking forward to though, is the opportunities I can now accept without arranging hours of childcare and pick up/drop offs. One of those opportunities arrived in my mailbox a few weeks back from BC Eggs.

BC Eggs approached me with the opportunity to attend a farm tour on the mainland, in and around the Abbotsford area with other bloggers. I, of course, said yes. Having raised chickens for years and knowing many farmers myself, I’m excited for the opportunity to see a large scale egg production farm in the flesh. I will of course bring my healthy skepticism and keen observation skills to this tour, because, after all, what is a blogger good for if not giving you the real story? I love going to the mainland and I love farms, so this opportunity is definitely right up my alley, as well as meeting other bloggers in the province, which is usually a pretty good time too.

As for eggs and their role in my life, well, it’s a big one. BC Eggs has been a familiar sight in my life for a long time as for the majority of my life I bought eggs that were distributed through them. Now of course, I have many sources of backyard eggs, including my own chickens and my many friends who raise chickens as well, so I no longer buy grocery store eggs. I look forward to learning more about BC Eggs and what they are all about as a company, first hand as they tour us around the farms.

Although it’s not a stretch to see me on a farm, I look forward to touring farms on a scale that I don’t usually see here on Vancouver Island. I can’t say I’ve ever been to any egg farms, as most of the farmers I know don’t grow or raise only one product, but many at a time. It should be an interesting day learning about egg production on a large scale, especially how the hens are raised and cared for, something I am very interested in.

Speaking of eggs, I do have a few favourite recipes to share as well and look forward to the other bloggers tips on egg preparation and their favourite recipes too. When I think of eggs these days, I think of baked eggs, fresh pastas, good old fried eggs and sourdough toast with butter and, of course, baking. See below for some of my favourite recipes:

Baked (Shirred) Eggs

Fresh Pasta (Ravioli)

Fully Loaded Quiche

Brown Butter Roasted Banana Bread

I look forward to tweeting and Instagramming next week during the tour using the hashtag ​#BCEggFarmTour. Follow along to learn more!

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