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Spread the Paleo-Primal Love

triptych1Today, I bring you a short guest post by Amelie Cartwright, who will help you introduce your curious friends and family to the Paleo or Primal diets through bribery…I mean gifts. I’ll be back in a couple of days with even more content. I’ve got big things in the books…BIG THINGS!

Got curious friends? Here’s the perfect gift!

Often, when people find out that we’re on specialized diets, be it paleo, gluten-free, or even vegan, the first thing that comes to mind is, “HOW do you survive?!” In fact, many people who undertake the diet often ask themselves the same question, wondering “What can I eat?” 

It’s really not that unreasonable, because when we grow up eating whatever we want without really paying attention to what goes into the food we eat, and by the time we find ourselves having to watch what we’re eating, we’re left with very limited choices. 

Or so they think. 

Unbeknownst to many, paleo and primal diets still make way for delicious, nutritious food. Often, all it takes is a bit of a shift in perspective, and craftiness and creativity in the kitchen. Experimenting can do wonders for your paleo diets, and if you have friends who are still not convinced that people on specialized diets can have yummy treats and good food, maybe a gift basket of the yummiest, most delicious treats in the paleo arsenal could change their minds! 

Although gift baskets are more popular in the Christmas season (and who doesn’t love getting a wicker basket of fresh fruit and wine?), they’ve also been used to promote awareness of everything from vegetarianism to local goods. A few years ago, the Belfast Telegraph gave lucky readers the chance to win eco-friendly hampers from Marks and Spencer, and Inside Vancouver gave away baskets of locally-made goods like jars of peanut butter and cookies made by local bakeshops. 

It goes without saying that the only thing that hampers (pun intended) you from building these hampers is your own creativity. It’s all fairly simple, really – the next time you make a healthy GF or paleo-friendly dessert or snack, make a little extra and tuck it away into a nice wicker basket. In fact, any container will do, whether it’s one of those cookie tins or just an eco-bag. Fill it up with GF and paleo/primal-friendly treats, and surprise a friend with the basket. 

Print off some pages from the Mark’s Daily Apple explaining the basics of your specialized diet, and let them know that all the tasty treats in those baskets aren’t just homemade and delicious, but also suitable for your diet. If that doesn’t convince them that going paleo/primal or GF is a breeze, we don’t know what will! 

Disclaimer: This is a guest post by Amelie Cartwright. Statements may not necessary reflect those of Elizabeth Nyland or GuiltyKitchen.com

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