Savoury Waffles


Breakfast for dinner is probably one of my most favourite ways to make dinner in a hurry. What’s faster than frying some eggs, bacon or sausages and whipping up some delicious waffles in less than ten minutes? I kid you not, these Savoury Waffles take even the most amateur of cooks less than twenty minutes to make, and that’s if you are having a tough time concentrating on the task at hand.

Plus who doesn’t love yolk porn, aka egg gravy? Sure, slather some butter on that mother when it comes hot off the grill, but the egg gravy is where it’s truly at. If you have made a dish that is yearning for some moisture and you have no drippings to whip into a silky, delicious gravy…put an egg on it. It’s the simplest answer to life’s yearning questions really.
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Doughnut FRYday – Old Fashioned Cake

cake doughnut redo

This is the result of further testing on this recipe. The published recipe below will result in these beautifully cracked doughnuts vs. the only slightly cracked version in the other photos.


Yay! Two doughnut posts in a row! But fear not doughnut haters (do those exist??), I have a yummy savoury waffle recipe coming up tout suite! But first, let’s get back to these amazing simple doughnut recipes. Last week’s response was pretty positive, so I figured I’d better keep with the simple stuff for a bit. I might try Crullers next though, simple yet slightly difficult?

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Doughnut FRYday – Glazed Doughnuts


I’m starting a new hashtag: #DoughnutFRYday and I’m hoping it will go no less than completely viral by next week. So get tweeting, instagramming and sharing until this bad boy comes back around next Friday. Or else there will no more doughn….oh who am I kidding?! I’ll just be over here making mad doughnuts, sharing them with y’all for purely selfish reasons…mostly so I can stuff them in my dough hole.

After the popularity of the Apple Fritter Doughnuts last week, I knew I had to succumb to my relentless cravings for doughnuts by just making them for myself! What better way to control all the ingredients than making them in your own home? Unlike the fritters, which make a ridiculous amount (so much that I had to give them to ALL my neighbours), this recipe, and hopefully the recipes to come, will only make 6-12 doughnuts. That way you can make a few for yourself and a couple for your friends!
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Keeping Kids Entertained After School


I know what you’re thinking: “Why is there no glorious recipe for something awesome and delicious right now?!” I totally get that, but I also want you to remember a couple of things. First, that I am a mom of two small humans and second, that I spend the majority of my free time with them. If you are reading this post, just know that I wrote it when the kids were either in school (in which case, hallelujah!) or while they were in the house with me but completely involved in something super interesting, giving me ample time to write without constant requests for food or butt wipes (parenthood is ah-may-zing!).

So let’s talk a little bit about what entertains a 6 year old boy and his four year old sister. Let’s see…there’s biking in the driveway and in our quiet street with some sweet jumps and ladders we made for them. That usually ends in scraped knees, heavy breathing and way too much fun with all the neighbour kids. Then there’s dress up, that usually ends with feather boa bits all over the living room carpet. There’s playing baby…but that doesn’t work for the boy. Colouring is always fun, but usually ends in pen being put in places that doesn’t come off so easily, which can also be said for any kind of craft, playdough or Rainbow Loom. There’s Pokémon cards, but the attention pan of a four year old for that is pretty limited.

The one thing that has always entertained the boy of them for hours versus the usual minutes, is building toys. Lego started it all and last Christmas, Cohen spent eight hours building a firehouse out of the stuff. Seriously. You give that kid a kit and he will sit there until it is done. He will forego food (unless there’s doughnuts), bathroom breaks and fun outside with his friends until the whole thing is put together.
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Coffee, Caffeine and Lifting

coffee pour over

Some of you may know that I’ve been participating in a campaign with Lavazza over the last eight months or so called “Lavazza Passionista”. Today’s post will be my last in the campaign but it also just so happens to be International Coffee Day, which is really just every day for me, but I digress…

During the past few months, I’ve talked a lot about my love of coffee, my love of caffeinated beverages and the various forms they come in. Personally, I’m a big fan of French press, pour overs and Americanos (cause I’m a total coffee snob), but sometimes I like a quick cup of joe when I’m sitting at my desk and I need something to sip on. Sure, water is good for you, hydrates you and does numerous other cleansing and purifying things for our bodies (right?) but coffee, well, it’s in it’s own class of awesomeness and also, on a satisfaction scale…I’m thinking coffee wins.

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