Chocolate Chia Pudding


Even though I’ve had a bag of chia seeds in my freezer for well over a year, I couldn’t bring myself to use them in anything until yesterday. It’s not that I don’t enjoy chia seeds, because even though when suspended in liquid and placed in your mouth, they remind me of tiny fish eggs, I still have an odd attraction to them. Nor is it their flavour, which can only be described as virtually impossible to detect. Forced to make something up, I’d say it is very subtle and similar to poppy seeds.

The main reason I haven’t used them in anything is because I rather like the idea of using them as thickener but I just couldn’t figure out a way to use them. Do you grind them fine and add to breads and pastries?  Although I have made chia seed pudding before, this has to be the best one yet. I have to give the credit to the Silk Creamy Cashew here though, as it really does deliver on it’s promises of being, well, creamy. I’ve made cashew based recipes myself before, as well as cashew milk, but nothing beats the convenience and price of buying it ready made. I’m not sure about the US, where everything seems to be half the price of Canada, but cashews (organic, unroasted) here are CRAZY expensive. It would cost me the same or more to make my own carton of cashew milk. Besides that fact, I know most people just do not want to make their own nut milks, either because they are intimidated by the process or don’t have a blender that they trust. Ready made “milks” often have all sorts of added things I don’t want to consume, but Silk is probably one of the best brands around. The ingredients for the Original Silk Cashew Milk are: Cashewmilk (Filtered Water, Cashews), Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Almond Butter, Locust Bean Gum, Sunflower Lecithin, Gellan Gum, Natural Flavor, plus a bunch of vitamins and minerals to fortify it. No Carageenan! 
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Turkey Pot Pie


In Canada, Thanksgiving comes fairly early in October, which means we get started on our Holiday cheer a lot earlier than the rest of America. This also means we get to eat some turkey (because it’s pretty much impossible to find a whole one the rest of the year), although if you are like me, you reserve the turkey for days that are not holidays. I much prefer a nice, succulent prime rib for holiday dinners, or a big ol’ fatty goose. But the day after Thanksgiving? Oh you’ll find me near the turkey section of the grocery store for sure, because that’s when it goes on crazy sale. 15lb turkey? Yeah, I scored mine for about $17, which is what I usually pay for my free range, local chickens.
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Doughnut FRYday – French Crullers


After all this doughnut making lately, coming so soon after two full years of paleo baking with, let’s face it, not fun to work with ingredients, I’m resolving myself to starting over in my baking education. Sure, I can bake a mean cake (like, the best fucking cake you’ve ever had), but when it comes to working with pastries and ratios and the basics of the science behind it all, I’m still a newb.

On Tuesday, I decided to make a cream doughnut, based on some rather old recipes from a really old cookbook I have. But let’s just say that…well, they sucked. They would have made a great bagel probably…tough, chewy and dense. You don’t know baking disappointment until you’ve worked for over an hour on a dough, heated your deep fryer, made icing and gotten everything ready. The minute the dough went into the fryer, I knew they were garbage.
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Doughnut FRYday – Roundup

cake doughnut redo

Because I had the stomach flu all week and only just started feeling better, I didn’t feel like firing up the deep fryer this week. So, instead, I rounded up the month’s best doughnut posts from around the web (fried only…what is WITH this baked doughnut trend?!) and pooled them all together for you to drool over. If you have a hankering for some doughnuts, you’ll probably find the perfect recipe right here…

DOn’t forget to tag your doughnut pics with the hashtag #DoughnutFRYday!
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Savoury Waffles


Breakfast for dinner is probably one of my most favourite ways to make dinner in a hurry. What’s faster than frying some eggs, bacon or sausages and whipping up some delicious waffles in less than ten minutes? I kid you not, these Savoury Waffles take even the most amateur of cooks less than twenty minutes to make, and that’s if you are having a tough time concentrating on the task at hand.

Plus who doesn’t love yolk porn, aka egg gravy? Sure, slather some butter on that mother when it comes hot off the grill, but the egg gravy is where it’s truly at. If you have made a dish that is yearning for some moisture and you have no drippings to whip into a silky, delicious gravy…put an egg on it. It’s the simplest answer to life’s yearning questions really.
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