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Brunch at Alibi Room, Gastown Vancouver BC

It’s not often I get to go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner/drinks/appetizers/well, you get the picture. Living out in the sticks and having a toddler, severly restricts the places I can go to eat. No longer can I stroll into my favourite neighbourhood pub and expect a wonderful seat by the bar, no. I can expect to be turned away upon entering, as I have a child in tow. It boggles my mind why children aren’t allowed in pubs, although I can see some customers would not appreciate the loud squaks of a rambunctious 2 year old as they crawl under his table for the upteenth time. I am jealous of Europe, where anyone under the age of 14 need only have a parent or guardian with them to enter any establishment.

For me this has meant the reduction of time spent in fine dining establishments, or at the very least, a doubling in the cost of a night out with babysitter factored in. For the most part we stay home now and I cook what I deem to be “restaurant” worthy food. Works for me and especially, for our budget.

On a recent trip to Vancouver (if you missed it, see this post), I got the delightful and rare opportunity to go out for food. Not only were we going somewhere I had never been, but we were being taken there by an absolute Vancouver food/beverage specialis, Melody Fury of Gourmet Fury.This girl knows what she’s doing and I gave her all my trust, well, I handed the checklist over to my somewhat beverage finicky husband and let him decide the stats of our would be destination. After a brief chat with Mel about what would be more appropriate (great food vs. great beer selection), we were whisked off to the nether regions of Gastown to a delightful little hole in the wall, Alibi Room.

Upon leaving the shoulder to shoulder packed streets of Olympic Fever wrought Gastown, we were launched into a locals only tavern style restaurant. Warm wood floors, happy chattering of diners at long wooden tables and empty old tube style TV sets and typewriters to decorate the room….ahhh, foodie bliss.

The menu on offer at the time was brunch (it was Sunday), which I didn’t mind, but after seeing the drink menu I could only whimper that I wished we had come, oh, 6 months ago (you know, when I wasn’t fostering an alien life form in my womb).

Lunch was decided on, conversations were lit up and drinks were served. Of course, Mel and I decided to share, as that way we get to try even more food! A food lover has trouble with just one dish, you see. When everyone’s food arrives, there is that jealous look as they peer across the table at everyone else’s choices and only wish that had ordered that, or that, or both! Best to order a couple dishes, for posterity, you see.

Here’s a bite from Alibi Room’s Website:

“All of our meat, fish & poultry are either sourced locally, ocean friendly, naturally raised or free run.” – Right up my alley, thanks Mel!

“We are of the belief that beer can be at least as versatile as wine when it comes to food pairing. We pour 25 taps, plus a rotating cask selection from our beer engines. Each usually representing a local brewery, more often than not available exclusively at the Alibi. We have put together the most diverse selection in the province & encourage you to come try the best beer B.C. has to offer.” – This made Mr. Guilty very happy.

“Our wine list features local boutique & organically grown wines. We also have a very creative house cocktail list.” – This made mel happy and would have for me too, but, well, see above note.

We ordered a Bacon & Egg sandwich on Sourdough with a side salad, A lovely plate of sourdough french toast stuffed with Brie and strawberries (whipped cream and syrup on the side please!) and Mr. Guilty had a tower of Corned beef Hash served with poached eggs. A well rounded brunch selection.

Brunch at Alibi Room, Gastown Vancouver BC

Bacon & Fried Egg Sandwich with Roasted Potatoes and Green Salad

Brunch at Alibi Room, Gastown Vancouver BC
Brunch at Alibi Room, Gastown Vancouver BC

Brie and Strawberry Stuffed French toast

Brunch at Alibi Room, Gastown Vancouver BC
Corned Beef Hash with poached Eggs and a pint of local beer

I have to say I was delightfully happy with our meals, our waiters take on my plea for “something to drink that wasn’t water or alcohol” and our company. Mel was a fabulous host for us small town foodies all lost in theenormous amount of food selection in the  big city. We couldn’t have had a better time.

I give Alibi Room a big thumbs up and we will most definitely go there again whnever we make it back to Vancouver. Thanks Mel!

Also, a side note about Melody Fury and Guilty Kitchen. We have both received the prestigious honour of having a sweet shoutout in this month’s edition of EAT Magazine. So check it out on page 14!

EAT Magazine March/April 2010

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