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Holiday Gift Guide 2014

It’s that time of year again my friends…really, the BEST time of year. I like to start celebrating the holidays as soon as Halloween is over. I know a lot of people don’t get that, and that’s fine (to each their own), but for me, getting into a holiday kind of mood helps me get through the bleak winter months to come. I don’t necessarily focus directly on Christmas either, just being with friends and family, snuggling, warm and cozy nights at home, good food and lots of celebrations. Pretty much from now until the end of January is “the holidays”…or winter, as everyone else puts it. I like mine better…:)

Down to the business of The Holiday Gift Guide 2014. This year’s guide will be much like last years, in that it is separated into categories for easier scrolling. Happy Holidays yo!

For the Chef:

Duh…one of my books!

Paderno Spiralizer. Because literally everyone wants to eat zucchini and parsnip noodles instead of real ones:

Once again this year, I am featuring GIR products, because they are awesome and I love them ALL!

A deep fryer? Yes, because without one, your doughnut eating days may be limited… This Moulinex fryer is compact and easy enough for anyone to use.

For the “gluten-free but still loves toast” person in your life (I know you have one..or you ARE one…). These new toasters (from BELLAs new Dots 2.0 Collection), feature a gluten-free setting, making sure your dense GF toast always comes out perfect.  MSRP $29.99 and available at your local Target or target.com:

Blendtec Designer Series. Because they really are the best blenders On. The. Planet.

The cheapest, best, most delicious way to make coffee, the AeroPress. For the true coffee lover:

For your Friends or Siblings:

Socks! Everyone needs cool socks.

Do they have a smart phone? Do they take pictures with it? Get them an Ollo Clip. With 4 lenses in 1, it’s a game changer:

For the Little Ones:

Every kid loves building forts, but sometimes it gets difficult for them to be designers and architects of couch cushions…plus maybe mommy and daddy are playing Gears of War and need the couch. That’s when the Discovery Kids Cardboard Color ‘n Play House comes in. The fun of a fort and the creativity of designing it with the added fun of it not having to get taken down after a few hours of play.

Rainbow Loom. If you haven’t got it yet, you will soon be asked for it by little ones under the age of 13.

Minecraft is probably one of the hottest video games for kids since Mario Bros. Everywhere I turn, I see kids with minecraft books, shirts, hats and action figures. This Creeper Backpack has got to be one of the most functional ways to spend your money on this trend.

Because it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen all year for kids (and adults) and it mixes science and pets with a good dose of fun! Bioluminescent dinosaur!

A board game for everyone. This version of Monopoly goes very quickly and the kids just LOVE it!

For the One That You Love:

Minimalism is in this year…just sayin’.

The gift of knowledge, in the form of books. Because expanding your knowledge of the world is so very important. Plus, talking to eachother about books that you are both reading is super fun and nerdy! #nerdgasm

Because you care and because saying “Fra-GEEL- ay” never gets old. This full-size leg lamp will have everyone giggling:

Because playing games together might get you into a more…er, spicy mood:

If he is a sexy, sexy bearded man, he may enjoy products from Victory Barber:


This is ther BEST shampoo and all-around hair care line on the planet, in my opinion. All the products are vegan, raw and treat your hair the way it should be, with care. With no crazy chemials in site on the labels, you’ll love them too. I have crazy thick, long curly hair and this is the only shampoo I will use. AND I secured a great deal for you guys! 15% off! Click to check out what they have to offer:

Also try gifts that are priceless:

For the Fitness Nerds:

Anything from Doughnuts and Deadlifts Apparel, because it is awesome. The end.


Anything from Flag Nor Fail. Also, because it is awesome. The End.

These bras from Montiel, because they are pretty hawt.

A FitBit. It tracks your fitness and your sleep. Technology is so in, maaaaaaaaaan.

Meggings (men’s legging) are a girls best friend. Working out with your man just got a little more interesting. These cute “tights” from Reebok are some of my favs.