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2013 Holiday Gift Guide


This year I had so many inquiries, so many deliveries of awesomeness and so many tips on what is hot this year, that I HAD to make a Holiday Gift List. As much as I am against total consumerism, the items I have picked for this list are MUST shares! I consider myself as someone in “the know” and I aim to share that knowledge with all of my loyal fans and readers. Scroll through the list as you like, but notice there are a couple discount codes in there for certain products too. And now, may I present to you the:

Guilty Kitchen 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

For the Chef in Your Life:

Coconut Oil Cover

My BOOK! Duh, shameless plug comes first! Order online at Amazon.

product shot

Food Saver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System. I spoke about it in a post recently and gave one away in my last post. It’s one AMAZING little vacuum sealer.

FatWorks: Lard, Tallow (grass fed) and Duck Fat delivered to your door. What more can I say?!

The GIR Spatula – Pretty much the best spatula I’ve ever used. And it comes in a rainbow of colours and soon will be joined by a whole family of new sizes!
product_lotusLotus Cups – The prettiest way to bake muffins and cupcakes. No mess, no peeling away half your muffin. Non-stick liners that ACTUALLY WORK!

The Snug by ThinkHat (pot clip in various sizes) – Very functional and small, this little pot clip works quite well for round, flat, square or any shaped utensils and hangs snugly off the side of your sauce pan or pot.


Kaufmann Mercantile’s English Steel Counter Weight Scales – Who knew weighing your food could be so chic?

mess free salt grinder
Trudeau Family of gear and goodies: Pictured is the mess free salt grinder. As a huge proponent of salt grinders (as opposed to salt shakers which are only good for fine salt), I was always miffed at the HUGE mess underneath my salt grinder. Everywhere you used it or placed it, a small pile of salt would inevitably form underneath…but no more! The mess free grinder ACTUALLY works. It grinds very well, has multiple settings for coarseness and is also quite modern and sleek looking. I also tested a professional pepper mill (LOVE it), an avocado slicer and pitter (How did I NOT have this ALREADY?!) and some oven mitts that are more like gloves (they are roomy, work great and I will never buy useless oven mitts again).

bakers edge

Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan – I’ve had this pan for a few years. Personally, I love the middle brownie…but everyone else seems to go gaga over the edges. It really works and comes with a tiny spatula specially designed for the pan. Works like a charm!


3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters! – Like, why not?!

For the Cross Fitness Lover:

demon bell

DemonBells – Cause swinging a kettlebell couldn’t get any cooler then this.


StrengthWraps – For all the tough barbell work you do, these guys make it a lot easier on your poor little wrists. Easy to use and pretty inexpensive. Great for stockings.

reebok shorts

Reebok CrossFit Carson California Games Shorts – I got a pair while I was at the games and I LOVE THEM. Comfy and short enough to do all the squats you want. Less bum eating than most booty shorts.


Rogue Bella Bar – Maybe a bit pricey for most, but if you have a home gym and both a man and a woman use it, this is a necessity for smaller hands. Before I got one, I could not hook grip our men’s bar during lifts because it was just too big. This solved that problem and I LOVE it…I made snatches my bitch.


Unbroken Designs – Jewellery for CrossFitters. I have a couple of these and I am proud to wear them. Show off your love for weightlifting in a classy way!


RX Jump Ropes – the best jump rope for learning. Custom colours and different sizes of rope that are interchangeable with a simple connector on the handle. Start with the thickest rope and work your way to the thinnest one when you’ve mastered the double under.


LifeAsRX – The BEST CrossFit shirts and gear on the planet. Hands down.

For Your Significant Other:

Perpetual Kid: Hilarious and fun gifts for the kid-at-heart.




Unicorn Slippers! Cause we all need more unicorns in our life.

lets get naked

Let’s Get Naked: Sex is part of a healthy, well-rounded and adult relationship. Why not make it fun with this “Sexy Activity Book”?


Zombie Garden Gnomes – Gardens gnomes used to be cool, but then Travelocity stole that. Now they’re coming back from the dead….literally.

For the Techy:

the snugg

The Snugg – A VERY handy little case for your iPad that allows it to be propped up in portrait or landscape orientation. They also have cases that come with bluetooth keyboards. Super handy!


POWEROCKS (iPhone USB Charger) – Handy and fashionable little tubes that charge your iPhone ANYWHERE!



Polaroid Instant Analog Camera. It’s BACK!

For your Mom:


Instajuction (25% discount code: FRIEND25FH) – a handy and inexpensive way to get all those awesome InstaGram photos off your phone and into frames on your walls. They ship for VERY reasonable flat rates all over the world. Use the discount code to try it yourself!

Personalized Dinnerware: Rust Designs will create and kind of amazingly rich and beautiful dinnerware with your name, initials and other cute designs. Your initials carved into a Birch tree enameled onto dinnerware? Yes please.


Funny Door Mats: Howdy, ‘Merican Dream, Holla, etc.

For the Little Ones:


GoldieBlox – Don’t want your little girl only playing with dolls and pink versions of “regular” toys? Try GoldieBlox: “By tapping into girls’ strong verbal skills, our story + construction set bolsters confidence in spatial skills while giving young inventors the tools they need to build and create amazing things.”



BentGo – Stackable Bento style lunch boxes for the kids (or kids at heart) in your life.



Oompa.com‘s slogan goes something like this: “Naturally brilliant toys: No batteries, over-stimulating blinking lights or commercially commissioned cartoon characters.” I don’t know about you, but for this mom of two little ones, this is exciting stuff!


Butterfly in a jar! Kids will love it, but it won’t harm any butterflies…

Nerf Bow

Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow – Not that I condone violent toys for kids, but I myself took archery in summer camp as a young girl and appreciate it’s use in hunting. This year looks to be more about cashing in on “The Hunger Games” trilogy, which I am fine with, but it also gives girls a way to express themselves through more than just dolls, makeup and pink sequins.

al friends cuddles, my giggle monkey pet

Furreal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet – I love animatronic animals! No really, I do. When I saw this in the store, my first reaction was to roll my eyes, but with over 100+ responses, it might take a while for your kids to get bored with this cutie.

bike products

FirstBIKE Street Bike – I’ll be the first person to tell you that these bikes are WORTH it. Our son started on a run/balance bike at 4 years old and we didn’t think to move on to anything else until he was way too tall for it. We bought a bike with training wheels and the first ride he asked me to take them off. I did. We went to a field and he started riding without any help, in less than one hour. They really do make riding easier.


The Monster Factory VW Camper Van Tent – in adult AND kids sizes! – What can I say….? This tent is pretty cool, can you dig it?

For Yourself or Your Girlfriends:


Morocco Method Hair Products – An all natural, vegan, raw and AMAZE balls product. I used a shampoo and conditioner from these guys for about a month and my hair has never been fuller, healthier looking or less frizzy. They have NO chemicals and don’t lather up AT ALL. It takes a bit of getting used to, but honestly they are WORTH it. I don’t think I can ever use another hair product, seriously. I take my tresses VERY seriously (ask anyone who has ever stayed with me at a hotel) and I find it VERY hard to find products that don’t make my hair frizzy. I’ve tried the no shampoo method, the baking soda, the only conditioner thing, everything. Nothing compares to Morocco Method products. Nothing.

And because I love you guys (and I’m an affiliate…I love it that much!), here’s a discount code for 15% off your order that you can use until December 12th, 2013.  Follow these simple steps to redeem:

1.       Add items to your cart
2.       Create an MM account (it’s free!)
3.       Enter code: PrimalHair42 at checkout
4.       Get 15% off your total order

ModCloth.com: Retro, indie, and vintage-inspired clothing styles that are distinctively darling and uniquely ‘you’!

Anything from Anthropologie. Seriously.


Dr. Hauschka Mascara – THE BEST mascara on the planet, as close to “Paleo” makeup as you can get. Goes on like a dream, absolutely not a clump to be seen, super silky and great colours. Not even a little bit waterproof.

infinity scarf

Infinity Scarves – any kind. Whatever your wife likes, but these things are the BOMB.


Modern Sprout windowsill planter boxes – Hidden hydroponic systems in cute and artsy wooden or chalkboard boxes. Grow your own winter garden, herbs or tomatoes. They come in electric and solar. How cool is that?!

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