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Prosciutto Sandwiches

Prosciutto Sandwiches

Sometimes I feel pretty lazy. On top of running around with my own toddler, I also watch another little girl three days a week. On top of those two crazy tornadoes, there’s also laundry, endless dishes, cleaning, writing, photographing and too much useless internet surfing to mention. There’s also the newly arrived protruding belly getting in my way every which way I turn, bumping into everything as I waddle by. Waddling already. For shame. Could it be all the cookies, pies, cakes and sweets I’ve been piling into my bottomless pit of a stomach over the past few months? I respectfully decline to answer.

Instead I will expertly avert your attention to the following recipe. A dinner that will satisfy, yet will only take you 20 minutes to throw together. Full of gourmet flavours, satisfying umami, sweet crunchy vegetables and piles of one of the best meats on the planet (one that may or may not be on the banned list of foods during pregnancy). One cannot go wrong serving this to anyone that ambles into your home unannounced, or even a quick meal any time of year.

Today is also the Superbowl. Hooray, rah rah rah. You thought I forgot didn’t you? I never watch the Superbowl though, if I do it’s only for the commercials. Why? 1) Because I’m Canadian and It’s not really that big of a deal here and 2) We have our own Superbowl for our CFL, the Grey Cup which happens in November.

When we watch the Grey Cup, we always make lots of finger foods or homemade pizza though, as it’s fun to have people over to watch the “Big Game”. I’d say, in this household, there’s a lot more hockey watching than football, but we are in Canada after all!

As an easy dinner for any of these nights, a big, filling, meaty sandwich will not only fill the void, but will satisfy even the pickiest of sport watchers. I like to pile it high with meat and cheese, balancing everything else on top of that. Fell free to switch any of the ingredients for something you prefer. It’s more of an idea, than a recipe anyway.

Prosciutto Sandwiches

Prosciutto Sandwiches

2 Portugese style buns
Real mayonnaise
Grey Poupon or Dijon mustard
slices of roasted garlic Havarti cheese
150g prosciutto, thinly shaved
2 roma tomatoes, sliced
1/2 an avocado, sliced
torn pieces of romaine lettuce
small handful of spinach leaves

1. Assemble your manly sandwich: Slather some condiments onto your buns (mayo and mustard), layer on the meat, cheese, tomatoes (salt & pepper) avocado and greens
2. Finish with top of bun. Serve with fresh coleslaw on the side.

Prosciutto Sandwiches

And just for fun, go Colts!

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